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Should We Kill Animals to Save Them? loading...
Should We Kill Animals to Save Them?
Trophy hunting fees help fund conservation. Critics say the benefits are exaggerated and that killing big game animals is wrong.
Jump on the back and join a LIVE African Safari. Twice a day our expert guides invite you to come along and drive through the African bush in search of the Big Five as well as smaller animals.
Alligators Attack and Eat Sharks, Study Confirms loading...
Alligators Attack and Eat Sharks, Study Confirms
The American reptiles have a voracious diet, but scientists were still surprised by what they found.
Duck Penises Grow Bigger Among Rivals loading...
Duck Penises Grow Bigger Among Rivals
Size matters when it comes to the social setting for some ducks, a new study finds.
About Animals

Animals are members of Kingdom Animalia, also known as Metazoa. All animals are multicellular and motile, meaning they can move impulsively and independently. 

For all they have in common, different animal species vary in spectacular ways. Some are more active at night (known as nocturnal) while others are most active during the day (known as diurnal). Some are merely a few cells; whiles others can weigh several tonnes.

The five most well-known classes of fauna are mammals (such as lions and monkeys), birds (such as ducks and emus), fish (such as sharks and snapper), reptiles (such as snakes and crocodiles) and amphibians (such as frogs and salamanders).

The exact number of animal species existing on Earth is still not known, with around 17-18,000 new species being discovered every year.

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