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Since its beginning in 1888 National Geographic has been publishing exclusive articles and photographs in their world famous National Geographic Society magazine. For over a century the Society has been on a mission to explore the world and all that is in it, to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world's cultural, historical and natural resources”.

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Over the last 50 years, National Geographic has produced thousands of documentaries to add to the hundreds of thousands of accumulated photographs and articles.

Until now, our writers, producers and photographers have never had a single destination to publish those stories.

The release of our new National Geographic App will bring together all our storytelling in one place for the first time.

There are thousands of titles drawn from our enormous archive exhibiting the world’s most respected producers and documentaries. Subjects range from archaeology, ancient history, ancient culture, modern history, science, space exploration, wildlife and natural history. The documentary on-demand archive will be refreshed monthly and will include short documentaries every week.

National Geographic has been writing fascinating stories showcasing exploration and scientific discovery from all over the world. The app will combine current magazine stories, together with the global website newsroom, to create a massive source of written documentary and articles.

National Geographic's long history of photography has incited and engaged a wide audience through both our printed magazine and our various social platforms all over the world. The App will draw from all these resources to create the richest source of National Geographic visual storytelling ever made. The galleries will comprise of the 100 years' worth of the National Geographic Society Magazine archives, our Instagram feeds from both the US and Australia and our user generated feed: 'Your Shot'.

When you first use the app, you will be asked what kind of topics you like from a variety of pillar subjects such as 'animals', 'science', 'people', 'travel', and 'history.' Depending on your choice, the app will deliver your favourite content straight to your device. It even has a built in algorithm that will remember your usage and preferred content.

It really is an endless source of information, entertainment, exploration and world knowledge.

Click here to find out how to download the app and read more about the terms and conditions.

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