New Epic Route Will Connect 17 National Parks loading...
New Epic Route Will Connect 17 National Parks
This “Route of Parks” in Chile will ultimately be 2,414 kilometres long.
‘Two-Headed Snake’ Shocks Homeowner loading...
‘Two-Headed Snake’ Shocks Homeowner
The unusual creature with an eerie blinking “eye” showcases the incredible power of animal mimicry.
The Unseen Cost of Agriculture in Argentina loading...
The Unseen Cost of Agriculture in Argentina
One photographer's journey to show how the large-scale production of soy, cattle, and wood, hits some communities especially hard.
About Argentina Facts

Argentina, meaning "land of silver," is a rich and vast land—second largest (after Brazil) in South America and eighth largest in the world. Its heartland is a broad grassy plain known as the Pampas (pronounced PAHM-pahs). Here Argentina's gaucho, like the U.S. cowboy, has galloped into the country's folklore.

The recent past has been tumultuous. Some 30,000 people disappeared—the Desaparecidos—in the "dirty war" during the military junta's 1976-1983 rule. In April 1982 Argentine forces invaded the British-held Falkland Islands, which Argentina calls the Islas Malvinas. Defeat by Britain during the 1982 Falkland Islands war loosened the military dictatorship's stranglehold on democracy.

Fast Facts 

Population: 38,592,000

Capital: Buenos Aires; 13,349,000

Area: 2,780,400 square kilometres (1,073,518 square miles)

Language: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Argentine peso

Life Expectancy: 74

GDP per Capita: U.S. $10,500

Literacy Percent: 97


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