About Bears

There are over 80 species of bear and they are spread across countries all over the world in a variety of different habitats. Probably the first bear that comes to mind is the grizzly bear (also known as the kodiak or brown bear). Other well-known bears are the polar bear, panda bear and black bear. Even though people like to call koala’s bears they actually aren’t bears at all.

Bears are mammals and are usually characterised by their thick fur, big bodies and stocky legs. Although most bears look cute and cuddly some are actually very dangerous. Polar bears are the largest species of bear, with males weighing in at around 450kg. Brown bears are the second largest.

Most bears are omnivores, like the panda bear, which eats 10 – 20 kilos of bamboo everyday as well as the occasional small animal. Brown bears will pretty much eat anything. While they are mainly herbivorous they will eat anything from small rodents and fish to larger mammals.

While bear attacks on humans are very rare, it is not unknown to have happened. Bears may attack humans when they feel threatened or territorial.


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