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The Brain

About The Brain

From the moment you’re born, every move you make is controlled by a 1.4 kilogram blob of fat and protein – your brain!

This jellylike mass is responsible for everything that makes us human, allowing us to think, feel and learn. Attention, memory, logic and imagination are all thanks to the brain.

Without the incredible complexities of the human brain, there would be no art, no languages and no rational thought. The brain is also responsible for our physical actions, both conscious and unconscious, controlling every heartbeat, blink and breath.

Like any muscle, your brain becomes stronger the more you exercise it. Brain games and teasers are a fantastic way of training your brain to think faster, remember better and reacted quicker. 

Scroll through the videos, photos and articles below to find out more about the brain.

How Does The World Experience God? loading...
How Does The World Experience God?
Morgan Freeman travels to locations around the world to encounter how a variety of cultures and people experience God, and to uncover how and why people engage in the story of God.
Massive Tree Farms May Be a Really Bad Climate Idea loading...
Massive Tree Farms May Be a Really Bad Climate Idea
World-wide tree plantations, soil modification or bioenergy crops could add to the planetary harm of global warming, scientist warns.
Why Do We Yawn? loading...
Why Do We Yawn?
It may not be because you’re tired


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