About Elephants

There are two types of elephants; African and Asian. Although they look similar they actually have a lot less in common than it may seem. African elephants have larger ears, more wrinkly skin and are larger overall than Asian elephants.

Elephants are social animals. The females tend to live in groups of 10 with other female relatives and their calves. The eldest female in the group is considered the leader until death. Elephants are usually found near a large water source since they use their trucks to drink up to 40 litres of water per day.

All elephants are herbivores. Some are grazers, eating mainly grass and bushes while others are browsers, using their trunks to reach up into trees for food. These animals are known as a keystone species because they are so large and have a considerable effect on the environment and ecosystem.

Elephants are frequently hunted for their tusk ivory. The illegal ivory trade has been in action for hundreds of years and still exists today.


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