How Can You Help Mercy Ships?

Moved by this week's episode of Surgery Ship? Find out how to donate or volunteer here.

It's estimated that 70% of the earth's population has no or little access to desperately needed surgery. Millions die needlessly every year.

Go to or call 1300 MERCYSHIPS to donate

Mercy Ships provides a safe place for surgical and medical aid for the world's most poverty-stricken countries. Children, teens, adults all die from curable illnesses every day. Mercy Ships and its volunteers treat life-threatening tumours, cleft lip and palate repairs, plastic reconstruction for severe burn-related injuries, hernia repairs, cataract removal, correction for orthopaedic deformities (clubfoot, bowed legs and other severe abnormalities), obstetric fistula repair and dental care.

Thanks to a generous team of volunteers and donors, for as little as $25 a month you could help the crew on the Mercy Ship bring much-needed help to those who need it most. 

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