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Famous WWII Shipwreck Found After 75 Years loading...
Famous WWII Shipwreck Found After 75 Years
The Sullivan brothers, five sailors renowned during WWII, died aboard the ship when it was struck by an enemy torpedo.
Ancient Maya Dog Trade Goes Back 2,400 Years loading...
Ancient Maya Dog Trade Goes Back 2,400 Years
A study of bones and teeth shows that the animals were transported from distant regions and played an important role in ceremonial sacrifices.
Five New Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica loading...
Five New Fossil Forests Found in Antarctica
Hundreds of millions of years ago, Antarctica was carpeted with prehistoric greenery. Now, scientists may have uncovered clues about what happened in the "Great Dying," or Permian extinction.
About History

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

In the most basic sense, history is the branch of study relating to past events. It’s the record of the past, what it means to us and how it influences our lives. 

The study of ancient history encompasses Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, among others. The Ancient Egyptians are of course best known for their pyramids, which served as tombs for the civilisation’s dead kings. The Ancient Romans are most notorious for their gladiators, the highly trained “working class heroes” of antiquity. The Ancient Greeks are best remembered for their contributions to the foundations of Western culture including politics, literature and philosophy.

In more recent times, history’s focus has been on major world wars and events including the Industrial Revolution, World War I. World War II and the Iraq War. Adolf Hitler, the powerful dictator and leader of the Nazi party, was the catalyst for the start of World War II and one of the most terrible events in human history – the Holocaust.

Closer to home, key moments in Australian history include the first contact between European and Indigenous Australians, the First Fleet and the events Gallipoli during WWI.

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