This Three-Day Horseback Ride Keeps Mexican Traditions Alive loading...
This Three-Day Horseback Ride Keeps Mexican Traditions Alive
Despite a dark chapter in its recent past, this small community is carrying on its colourful traditions.
Bill The Bastard loading...
Bill The Bastard
The legendary tale of Australia’s greatest war horse.
Australia’s Mighty War Horses loading...
Australia’s Mighty War Horses
How the horses of the Desert Mounted Corps carried their men to victory during World War I.
About Horse

There is only one species of domesticated horse, scientific name Equus caballus, but about 400 different breeds.

An adult male horse is called a stallion and an adult female is called a mare. A young male is called a colt and a young female is known as a filly.

Horses are herbivores, grazing mainly on hay, grass and grains.

The first horses were domesticated around 4,000 years to go and put to work servicing humans. Now, many of traditional horse duties have been taken over by machines.

Wild horses are descended from once-domesticated animals. Groups of wild horses are generally made up of one stallion and multiple mares and foals.

The brumby is a free-roaming wild horse found in Australia, with the largest populations located in the Northern Territory and Queensland. Many brumbies are descended from the horses brought to Australia by early European settlers.

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