Aussie Recipes That Rock: Mango, sandalwood nuts, labne with burnt honey granita

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Mango, sandalwood nuts, labne with burnt honey granita

2 cups honey
1 cup whey
1 lemon

Place honey in a pot and place on a high heat. Boil for a few minutes until the puff of smoke come from the bubbles. Carefully add the whey in a couple of stages. Zest and juice the lemon and add to the pot.
Pour into a dish and freeze preferably overnight.

2 cups natural yoghurt

Hang the yoghurt in cloth over night to extract the whey.

To serve
2 mangos
½ cup sandlewood nuts
6 marigold flowers
sprinkle of bee pollen
1 frame of honey

Place the honey frame on a wooden board.
Peel and randomly chop the mango..
Shave the sandle wood nuts
Scatter both over the honey frame
Randomly blob labne around the fruit.
Scrape the granite with a fork into fine shavings. Spoon the granita over the frame and finish with petals of the marigold.
Once the desert is finished the honeycomb makes a great natural gum.


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