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Top 10 Castles of Europe
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a real-life fairytale? Ponder no more.
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A Pendant Just Like Anne Frank’s Found At Nazi Holocaust Camp
An archaeological discovery at Sobibor may be a new connection to the famous diarist.
About Poland Facts

The largest country in central Europe, most of Poland is low-lying, with woods and lakes. Unlike many of its neighbours, Poland has only a minuscule minority population. Poles as a nation are unified by the Polish language and a common religion—Roman Catholicism.

Buffered by the Baltic Sea in the north and the Carpathian Mountains in the south, Poland enjoys no such natural protection to the east and west. Nazi Germany invaded in 1939 and built the Auschwitz concentration camp, where 1.35 million Jews and more than 100,000 others were murdered. After World War II, Joseph Stalin seized a chunk of eastern Poland for the Soviet Union.

Fast Facts 

Population: 38,163,000

Capital: Warsaw; 2,200,000

Area: 312,685 square kilometres (120,728 square miles)

Language: Polish

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Zloty

Life Expectancy: 74

GDP per Capita: U.S. $9,700

Literacy Percent: 100


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