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Innovative Filmmaker Found Redemption Through Wildlife
Filipe DeAndrade, star of Nat Geo Wild’s Untamed, overcame a tough background to produce an exciting new series on U.S. wildlife.
About Red-tailed Hawk

These beautiful birds are North America's most common hawks. They are found all over the continent, in Central America, and in the West Indies. The first of these hawks to be scientifically studied was found in Jamaica.

Red-tailed hawks are known for their brick-coloured tails, but there are 14 subspecies of various colourations, and not all of them have this characteristic.

Fast Facts 

Type: Bird

Diet: Carnivore

Average life span in the wild: 21 years

Size: Body, 18 to 26 in (45 to 65 cm); wingspan, 38 to 43 in (1.1 to 1.3 m)

Weight: 24.3 to 51.5 oz (690 to 1,460 g)

Did you know? The red-tailed hawk is displaying an aggressive posture when it holds its body and head upright while its feathers are standing erect.


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