About Snakes

There are over 3,000 species of snake worldwide, 375 of which are venomous. In Australia, we have 140 species of snake and 100 of them are venomous. The most venomous snake in the world, based on drop toxicity, is the Australian Inland Taipan.

Snakes can range anywhere from the 10 centimetre long thread snake to the reticulated python, measuring in at 7 metres. Snakes live in all types of environments including bush, desert and in water and can be found on almost every continent in the world, excluding Antarctica.

Snakes are carnivorous and while some use their venom to subdue their prey, constrictors use their body to strangle prey before consuming. They will use their tongue to smell the prey before they eat it.

As ectotherms, snakes gain their energy from external heat sources. During the day you will usually find them outside basking in the sun to gain energy for hunting during the night.


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