Spectacular Pictures Of Australia From Space

Video highlights from Live From Space

The striking images were taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station

During his year-long mission aboard the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly shared some incredible images of Australia taken from 400 kilometres above Earth.

The shots were taken with a Nikon D4 camera, have been colour-enhanced to show the unique features of the Australian landscape.

Kelly's time aboard the International Space Station on a year-long mission aimed to help us understand how prolonged stays in low-gravity environments affect the human body.

Knowledge of the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges faced by astronauts during long-duration spaceflight is a stepping stone to future missions to Mars and beyond.

Why send humans to Mars? Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye discuss the value of missions to the red planet here.

Sand dunes in Central Australia

An Outback lake

Salt lakes at Lake Everard in South Australia

Desert in Central Australia

The Diamantina River that runs through central west Queensland and north of South Australia

(All images: Scott Kelly / @StationCDRKelly)

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