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  • Episode 1

  • Crossing the mysterious Bass Strait, a young Australian pilot disappears mid-flight over the sea after reporting a strange craft dancing around his light aircraft.

  • Episode 2

  • A fireball streaks across the sky and crashes in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. These events will put the little town on the map, and change the lives of its residents forever.

  • Episode 3

  • In Victoria, Australia, a young driver is killed on an empty stretch of road late at night. It then comes to light that someone else reported seeing a UFO in the same place just days before.

  • Episode 4

  • Witnesses in Texas claim their confusing physical illnesses are the result of a massive, fiery object and in the skies above Brazil, jet fighters play cat and mouse with unknown lights.

  • Episode 5

  • In April 1966, a suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne was home to a mass daylight sighting of a UFO. What did the residents really see?

  • Episode 6

  • Deep in the Arctic Circle, in the winter of 2009, the skies of Northern Norway were lit up by an incredible but seemingly inexplicable light display. What was the cause?

  • Episode 7

  • In Kaikoura, New Zealand strange lights are seen by pilots and confirmed on radar. The story turns global when a film crew capture the phenomena and the Government is forced to investigate.

  • Episode 8

  • In New Zealand, a mysterious object streaks across the country in broad daylight – but what is it? In Iran, fighter jets deal with a brightly coloured UFO, leading to an astonishing dogfight.

About the Show

Have humans really seen crafts and beings from other planets? Or is there a perfectly reasonable explanation for these sightings? Featuring stories from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, Invasion Earth investigates the world's most intriguing UFO sightings to answer the age old question – are we alone?


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