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Big country. Big crocs. Big man. Aussie chopper pilot and animal rescuer Matt Wright is taking on the biggest crocs yet. Over eight brand-new episodes, Matt is joined by his long time mates John ‘Johno’ Brown and Chris ‘Willo’ Wilson. Together they relocate dozens of crocs, including some of the biggest Matt has ever caught. With big machinery, airboats, helicopters and the harpoon, the action never stops in this breath-taking rumble in the jungle.

“You Can’t Bribe A Crocodile” loading...
“You Can’t Bribe A Crocodile”
Indonesia plans to use crocodile guards at a new island prison
Crocodile Dreamtime loading...
Crocodile Dreamtime
Not only are Crocodiles ecologically important, they are also culturally significant to Australia’s Indigenous People, who have shared their homes with Salties for tens of thousands of years.
 Crocodile Blood loading...
Crocodile Blood
Crocodiles have a bunch of neat biological adaptations that make them successful predators, all of which have made them one of evolutions big winners over the past few million years. But it’s not just their powerful jaws or tough skin… it’s also their blood!
Crocodiles Sleep With One Eye Open – Literally loading...
Crocodiles Sleep With One Eye Open – Literally
Aussie scientists have proven the ancient legend about the fearsome reptiles
Is this the biggest population of crocodiles in the world? loading...
Is this the biggest population of crocodiles in the world?
Crocodiles as far as the eye can see, you could be mistaken for thinking this was a horror film.
Size Matters! loading...
Size Matters!
Size matters, especially if your job involves catching dangerous salt-water crocodiles.


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