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  • Episode 1: Pay Attention!

  • Test your attentiveness with a series of visual tricks and learn how master magician David Copperfield manipulates an audience's attention to produce amazing illusions.

  • Episode 2: You Won't Believe Your Eyes

  • Our eyes and ears are constantly creating an illusion of what the world is really like. Let experts trick your senses as they manipulate the colour, light, motion and depth perceived by our brains.

  • Episode 3: Memory

  • Memories define who you are. Test your recall in a gripping crime scenario where things aren’t always as they seem. Details go missing, recollections change and the brain can even form false memories.

About the Show
A three-pound slimy blob has been controlling your every thought, memory, movement and emotion. Nat Geo explores the inner workings of the brain with interactive games you can play at home. Prepare to be amazed at how powerful the mind can really be!


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