About Weddell Seal

Weddell seals spend much of their time below the Antarctic ice. They have the southernmost range of any seal, but find the chilly waters rich with the prey they seek. These seals do not migrate often and are commonly found within a few miles of their birthplace.

Weddell seals can dive up to 2,000 feet down and stay under for up to 45 minutes. But no matter how deep they dive, like all marine mammals, they must surface to breathe. If natural openings are not available, Weddell seals use their teeth to open and maintain air holes in the ice pack.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Weddell Seal

Scientific Name: Leptonychotes weddellii

Type: Mammals

Diet: Carnivores

Group Name: Pod

Average life span in the wild: 30 years

Size: 10 ft

Weight: 1,200 lbs


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