We Finally Know Why Flashlight Fish Glow loading...
We Finally Know Why Flashlight Fish Glow
Scientists have found a new explanation for a behaviour they witnessed in the largest school of glowing fish ever seen.
When Fish Are Friends Not Food loading...
When Fish Are Friends Not Food
In the 2003 hit film Finding Nemo, there’s a scene where a shiver of sharks are attending a meeting not unlike Alcoholics Anonymous in which the sharks repeat the pledge that “fish are friends not food”.
This Odd Deep-Sea Fish Can Hold Its Breath For Four Minutes loading...
This Odd Deep-Sea Fish Can Hold Its Breath For Four Minutes
Coffinfish use their enormous inflatable gills to fill their body with seawater—the first such discovery ever made in a fish.
About Alligator Gar

The prehistoric relatives of this megafish inhabited many parts of the world, but today gars live only in North and Central America.

Of the seven known gar species, the alligator is the largest, reaching up to ten feet (three meters) long and tipping the scales at up to 300 pounds (140 kilograms). These menacing-looking behemoths are generally olive green or yellow and have a heavily scaled body. A tooth-filled mouth and wide, alligator-like snout give the species its name. 

Fast Facts 

Type: Fish

Diet: Carnivore

Average life span in the wild: Females 50 years, males 26 years

Size: Up to 10 ft (3 m)

Weight: Up to 300 lbs (140 kg)

Did you know? The alligator gar has become something of an Internet celebrity. Tales and photos of these enormous, fierce-looking fish are widely circulated—and sometimes dismissed as hoaxes.


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