10 Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The animal kingdom is a VERY strange place…

1. The heart of a blue whale is so big that a human can swim through the arteries.

2. You’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark.

3. Male domestic cats have barbed penises

4. Some turtles, like the Australia Fitzroy River Turtle, can breathe through their bottoms.

5. Male stoneflies do push-ups to attract females.

6. Hippo milk is pink.

Hippo’s milk

7. Cows form close relationships and can also hold grudges.

8. Male Adelie penguins “propose” to the object of their affection by giving them a pebble.

9. Parrotfish sleep in a mosquito net of their own mucus

10. A mantis shrimp’s claws can accelerate as fast as a bullet

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(Image: Factlist

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