10 Crazy Australian Animal Facts

Video highlights from Wild Australia

It’s not just the people that are different down under...

1. Kangaroos and wombats commonly contract herpes.

2. Seals have been spotted catching rides on the backs of humpback whales.

3. Australian octopuses have been spotted fighting each other and appear to be using shells as weapons.

4. You can predict the winner of a frilled-neck lizard fight based on the colour of the contenders’ frills.

5. Australia's yellow-bellied three-toed skinks that live in higher, colder regions bear live young, while those in warmer lowlands lay eggs, which are harder to keep warm under cold conditions.

6. Australian Fitzroy River Turtles can breathe through their bottoms.

7. Last year, Australian scientists discovered a new rat with extra-long pubic hair.

8. The wombat’s poop is cube-shaped.

0. There’s an Australian spider species that plays peekaboo to attract mates.

10. The platypus, one of only two egg-laying mammals, has barely evolved in millions of years. It's one of the few living descendants of an ancestor that diverged from all the other mammals about 150 million years ago.

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