10 Times Aussie Animals Made International Headlines

Video highlights from Wild Australia

Humans aren’t the only ones making news.

1. Seal Surfs On The Back Of A Whale

When a pod of whales began feasting on a fish frenzy off the New South Wales coast, a cheeky fur seal invited himself to the party.

2. The Drunken Birds Getting Hangovers

Inebriated Rainbow Lorikeets are suffering from headaches.

3. Sightings Of The Rare White Kangaroo

A South Australian woman captured rare photographs of a possibly albino kangaroo while driving near the Big Bend on the Murray River in South Australia.


4. Australia’s Dog Archaeologist

Migaloo, a black Labrador, sniffs out centuries-old human bones.

5. World’s First Sex Found In Australian Fossils

Scientists think they've found evidence of the oldest known creatures to engage in sexual reproduction.

6. Aussie Octopuses Seen Fighting Each Other

Octopuses living in Australia’s Jervis Bay appear to be throwing things at each other, which would be the first use of projectile weapons seen in octopuses.

7. Australian Blobfish Voted World’s Ugliest Animal

The gelatinous deep-sea fish “won” a public vote for the ugliest animal. Find out why Australia’s unfortunate looking animals may go extinct.

8. The Aussie Mammal That Has So Much Sex It Dies

The small, mouse-like creature called an antechinus is busy killing himself through sex.

9. The Shark-Infested Golf Course

When golfers began reporting strange sightings in the lake of a Brisbane golf course, an employee discovered there was something swimming around in the golf course’s water hazard.

10. The Dancing Peacock Spider

You can watch the newly-discovered species get its groove on here.

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