20 Things You Never Knew About Dr Pol

Video highlights from The Incredible Dr. Pol

This no-nonsense vet has had an incredible life!

  1. When Dr. Pol delivers a calf he always takes his shirt off. Why? “Because my skin is easier to clean than my clothes,” according to Dr. Pol.
  2. Before marrying his wife Diane, Dr. Pol considered moving to New Zealand to open up a veterinary practice.
  3. Dr. Pol and his wife Diane started their business out of their garage in 1981. The business has since grown and has amassed over 19,000 clients.
  4. Dr. Pol has rescued several Great Danes, rabbits, emus, and even a cow that he helped raise with his family.
  5. All three of Dr. Pol’s children have worked at his veterinary clinic.
  6. Dr. Pol’s children have raised lambs, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and cows for the 4-H Fair.
  7. Dr. Pol owns and proudly wears wooden clogs.
  8. Dr. Pol makes his own beef jerky.
  9. Dr. Pol has a phobia of heights.
  10. Dr. Pol has many clients who are Amish.
  11. Dr. Pol owns peacocks, several chickens, three horses, doves, two dogs, and four cats.
  12. Two of Dr. Pol’s horses were trained by the Amish to pull carriages.
  13. Dr. Pol purchased his Rolls Royce from a museum in Wales.
  14. Dr. Pol refuses to eat any tomato-based sauce.
  15. Dr. Pol is fluent in four languages – English, Dutch, French, and German.
  16. Dr. Pol is an avid car collector. Among the cars in his collection are a 1937 Rolls Royce, a 1999 Plymouth Prowler, and a 1981 “Back to the Future” DeLorean.
  17. Dr. Pol is colour-blind. He has trouble with the colours green and brown.
  18. Dr. and Mrs. Pol have been married for 44 years.
  19. All of Dr. Pol's children are adopted. Their daughter Kathy and their son Charles from birth and their daughter Diane at the age of 18, after having been their foster child for ten years.
  20. Dr. Pol is licensed to Practice Veterinary Medicine in the State of Michigan and The Netherlands.

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