An End to Dog Meat in Bali?

Animals Australia dives deeper into the investigation of Bali's dog meat trade.

Last week Animals Australia sponsored a summit in Indonesia to formally discuss the killing of dogs for human consumption in Bali. The summit came in response to the explosive investigation into dog meat being sold to unknowing tourists. The footage revealed the severe and torturous abuse dogs suffer before being murdered for their meat.

Lyn White the Director of Investigations from Animals Australia explains the findings:

All in attendance recognised that such dreadful cruelty to dogs has no place in Balinese culture and it couldn't be allowed to continue.

Bali’s veterinary Health office, the Balinese Tourism Board and the ministry of agriculture who were all present at the summit, agreed to the ending of the dog meat trade.

To prevent the sale of dog meat, those who attended the summit suggested police intervention and law enforcement as well as educating the general public about the health risks involved in eating and slaughtering dogs, particularly with regards to rabies.

Image: Similar situation stands in Thailand, the owner of this truck was arrested, shutterstock

These suggestions and the results of the summit have not as yet been endorsed by Pastika, Bali’s Governor.

Though the process will be long, these first steps will be important as the foundation for further work is laid. Janice Girardi, the founder of the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), explains the process:

Concern for Bali's beautiful dogs has seen thousands of people from around the world contact Balinese authorities pleading with them to shut down the dog-meat trade.

Hopefully, the summit held last week will be the tipping point and Bali will see the end of dog abuse and consumption.

We now have real hope that Bali's unique dogs will be saved from this terrible cruelty. The recommendations from key officials were unanimous, and so we now wait to hear the Governor's response.

Though small, Girardi from the BAWA is positive progress is being made. So far 170,000 people have signed a petition asking Pastika, Bali’s Governor to ban the trade of dog meat in Bali.

A giant leap in the right direction.

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