A Violent Battle Between Sea Snake And Stonefish

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There can only be one winner...

An Australian fisherman has captured the epic fight between two deadly animals – the sea snake and the stonefish.

Rick Trippe took pictures of the fight while diving in Darwin Harbour. He told the NT News, “In decades of spearfishing on the harbour, I’ve probably only seen four or five sea snakes, and I’ve never seen one doing anything like this.”

“The snake had the stonefish locked in its mouth. I know sea snakes are dangerous, so grabbed it carefully and pulled the stonefish out of its mouth.”

But as soon as Rick separated the two sea creatures, the snake went back for a second run at the stonefish.

Contender #1: The sea snake
Most sea snakes are highly venomous. Additionally, the sea snake has a powerful bite, with the ability to open its mouth wide to swallow prey, and a specialised oar-like tail that helps it to move through the water.

Contender #2: The stonefish
With its venomous needle-sharp spines, the stonefish is one of the deadliest creatures in the sea. Symptoms of the stonefish’s venom include muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and shock.

So who won? This battle goes to the sea snake.

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