Animal Superpowers: Episode 1 Hunters

Video highlights from Animal Superpowers

Some facts from Animal Superpowers, Episode 1: Hunters

Dolphins can locate objects underwater when completely blindfolded - They make powerful clicks and listen out for the sound’s reflection in order to build a mental map of their surroundings.

The infra-red camera that we used to capture a snake’s strike at night was used in a mission critical application on the launch pad of the last shuttle launch.

Professor Michael Grace handles snakes on a daily basis. He already is allergic to many anti-venoms and if he’s bitten by a rattlesnake, there’s a good chance he’ll die.

Sperm whales produce the loudest noise in the animal kingdom: It’s called ‘the clang’.

Vampire bats also have infrared detecting capabilities; they use it to locate blood vessels on prey.

You can “hypnotize” a shark by turning it upside down.

Hammerhead sharks have 360 degree vision.

Many venomous snakes have a groove on the inside of their tooth to channel venom into their victim.

Some snakes have a two-pronged penis.


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