Animal Superpowers: Episode 3 Survivors

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The electric eel can fire pulses of electricity to stun its prey. These pulses can exceed 600 volts, more than 5 times higher than a power outlet.

When a gecko drops its tail, it twitches in a pattern that confuses its prey. Studying this process may one day help people with spinal injuries walk again.

Octopus can blend in with any background, matching the color and shape of the substrate. An amazing feat, considering scientists believe many octopuses are colour blind!

Heather’s octopuses are always trying to find ways of escaping from her research tanks. She once found one ‘walking’ down the road over 20 meters away!

The electric eel is not an eel at all; it’s more closely related to knife fishes.

The electric eel has to come to the surface to breathe; it can’t breathe underwater like other fish.

The octopus’s gut travels through the middle of its brain.

Not all octopuses have 8 arms – some have more!

The axolotl never grows up – it never metamorphoses into the adult form of the salamander.

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