Aussie Octopuses Seen Fighting Each Other

Video highlights from Animal Fight Club

They appear to be using shells as weapons

Octopuses living in Australia’s Jervis Bay appear to be throwing things at each other, which would be the first use of projectile weapons seen in octopuses.

They seem to be using the siphons on the side of their body, normally used for jet propulsion, to gather up the shells and fling them.

Peter Godfrey-Smith, a marine biologist from City University of New York, says, “Very few animals have been reported to throw things at one another, so it would be significant if the octopuses are doing it.”

“In the ‘throwing’ behaviour, it gathers up a pile of stuff in its arms, and then directs the jet under the web of its arms, and throws out all the stuff under pressure.”

If the behaviour is intentional, scientists believe it may have evolved due to the crowded conditions of Jervis Bay where each octopus only has an area of about 1 square metre to themselves.

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