Cats Used To Live On The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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They definitely used up all of their nine lives...

If this happened today, it would undoubtedly break the internet.

During the 1950s and 60s, twin white cats took up residence in one of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons, almost 100 metres off the ground.

Life on the bridge was dangerous – if one cat wanted to pass the other, they had to leap over their twin’s back.

Cat Crossing Harbour Bridge

Bridge attendants used to feed the cats, nicknamed Bridget and Pylon, placing their food on the parapet.

The feline pair spent almost their entire lives on the city-side pylon, high above Miller’s point, not even leaving even during thunderstorms. 

Cats Used To Have The Best View In Sydney

According to the 29 July 1951 edition of The Sunday Herald, “Bridget was once carried down but, as soon as she was released, she raced up again and has stayed there ever since.”

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The famous pair were a popular attraction and featured on promotional materials for the bridge.

Pylon Lookout

[Images: Dennis Rowe/Getty Images]

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