Could you handle being pregnant for 22 months?

Melbourne Zoo elephant has been pregnant for a year and still has 10 months to go!

It’s tough going for elephant mums-to-be. Their pregnancies last 22 months and the weight of the baby, membranes and fluids can reach 200 kilograms.

Melbourne Zoo’s Num-Oi is celebrating the one year mark in her pregnancy. The baby’s father is Perth Zoo’s bull elephant, Putra Mas.

"The baby is now probably the size of a very large dog at the moment," said Melbourne Zoo’s head vet Dr. Michael Lynch.

"We want her to be exercising and not gaining too much weight. The larger she is, the tougher it is to give birth.”

The calf’s sex won’t be known until Num-Oi gives birth in May 2016.

Elephants are born weighing approximately 90 kilograms and can grow to be 2,000 to 6,000 kilograms as an adult. A fully grown elephant can eat over 100 kilograms of food a day.

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