Facts: African Swamp Monster

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  • The translation of Mokele Mbembe is ‘one that stops the flow of rivers’.

  • The first report of Mokele Mbembe was from a German man names Hans Schomburgh who described a ‘huge monster, half elephant, half dragon’ to Carl Hagenbeck which prompted him to send his first expedition to the Congo in 1909 which was soon abandoned due to disease and hostile natives and then returned without any proof.

  • In 1910 Prof W D Matthews of the American Museum of Natural History, New York commented on a newspaper article from the Seattle Times reporting the existence of a dinosaur in Africa, saying ‘It is not impossible that some type of prehistoric monster may have survived”

  • In 1920 the Smithsonian Institute sent a 32 man strong expedition to search for Mokele Mbembe. They found unexplained tracks along the river bank, but ultimately the expedition ended in tragedy. During a train ride through a flooded area crushing to death four of the team members and injuring many others.

  • One of the most famous sightings of Mokele Mbembe was caught on camera by a Japanese film crew who were flying above Lake Tele, Congo in 1992. The shaky and indistinct footage shows an object moving across the surface of the lake, but proves too out of focus to indentify.

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