Mice Sing Love Songs For Sex

Males bust out a tune to woo the ladies – who then sing back their consent

It might sound like something out of a Disney movie, but a new study shows that male mice court females by singing “love songs” and the female mice sing back to consent to mating.

Using sophisticated microphones, new computer software and a sound chamber, researchers from the University Of Delaware detected vocal changes when a male is pursuing a female.

A mouse “voice” can register at up to 125 kilohertz, but humans can only detect around 20 kilohertz.

Researcher Joshua Neunuebel says, “You cannot tell that a mouse is singing or shouting. There is no obvious physical sign.” And their voices during these interactions register in a range far beyond the reach of human ears.”

The team hope that study of mouse communications will provide insight into brain mechanic and impairments, including autism.

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