Worms: Did you know?

Video highlights from Filthy Riches

Did you know a bloodworm can grow to 15" long? And be careful, they travel in schools. Watch the War of Worms on Filthy Riches

•    Monster worm: A bloodworm can grow to be 15” long.

•    Careful with the bloodworms.  Bloodworms can deliver a very painful bite, and even cause some people to have an allergic reaction.

•    The worming industry (both bloodworms and sandworms) is the one of the top fisheries in Maine.

•    Highest tide in the world occurs at the Bay of Fundy in Canada.  The difference between high and low tide can range up to 53 feet.

•    The highest tide in the United States occurs in Alaska where it can range up to 40 feet.

•    The shallow, slow moving water on mudflats allow nutrients to become trapped, creating some of the most productive marine habitats.  

•    The bloodworm population has declined dramatically.  In the mid 1900s, tides would yield about 4,000 worms, now the average tide yields about 550 worms.

•    Bloodworms, like fish, travel in schools from place to place.

•    Worm diggers like Jim and Andy are self-employed and set their own hours.

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