First twin aye-ayes born in captivity

The aye-aye is a type of lemur that was once thought to be extinct

Twin aye-aye have been born at Bristol Zoo, delighting zookeepers and visitors alike.

Bristol Zoo’s Lynsey Bugg says “their mother was very secretive and we didn’t realise she had twins straight away.”

“It’s a world-first, so it wasn’t what we were expecting but it’s amazing, really amazing.”

Only found in the wild in Madagascar, aye-ayes are incredibly rare with only 1,000 thought be left in the world. The native people of Madagascar believe the animal to be a bad omen, meaning they are often killed on sight.

While they may look like rats or bats, aye-ayes are actually related to apes and humans. These nocturnal creatures spend their lives in the trees, rarely coming down to the ground.

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