Freaks and Creeps: Devil Island - Students Tasks

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Upper Primary and Junior Secondary


Freaks and Creeps


Devil Island

LEARNING LEVEL            

Upper Primary, Junior Secondary


 Science, Biology


Task 1
Write definitions to explain the difference between the following terms:
•    mammal
•    marsupial
•    monotreme

Task 2
Many animals appear in Devil Island, including the following: pademelon, wallaby, quoll, Tasmanian devil, echidna, wombat, cat, platypus, crayfish.
•    Which of these animals is the odd one out and why?
•    Which animals in the list above are monotremes?
•    Which animals are marsupials?
•    Which are mammals?
•    Which animal is feral (not naturally occurring in Tasmania)?

Task 3
Choose two of the animals from Devil Island and compile a fact file about them including the following:
•    What type of animals they are
•    Average weight and height when fully grown
•    Average lifespan
•    Range or distribution
•    Preferred habitat (where they like to live)
•    Diet (what they like to eat)
•    How young are born and raised
•    Average size and weight of young when born
•    Defence mechanisms
•    Major threats (if any)

Task 4
Write a description of the Tasmanian tiger in about 50 words, including what type of animal it was, what it looked like and what happened to it. Accompany your description with a drawing of the tiger.

Task 5
The Tasmanian devil has a problem. Do some Internet research to help you write 100 words explaining what the problem is and what action has been taken to control it.


Task 1
Do some Internet research to find answers to the following questions:
•    What was Gondwana?
•    What caused it to break up?
•    How long ago did it break up?
•    When did Tasmania become an island?
•    What caused this to happen?

Task 2
Write a definition to explain the meaning of the term bio-geographic isolation. Give five examples from Tasmania to illustrate your definition.

Task 3
In about 100 words, explain the differences between mammals, marsupial and monotremes, giving two examples of each.

Task 4
Compare and contrast the Tasmanian Devil and Tasmanian Tiger. Write a 50-word description of each, and a further 50 words to explain what they have in common and how they differ.

Task 5
Do some Internet research to find out about biosecurity:
•    What is it?
•    Why is it important?
•    What biosecurity rules do visitors to Tasmania have to observe?
•    In your opinion, are the rules tough enough, or could they be improved? Explain why.

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