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It’s Annual Weigh-In Day At ZSL London Zoo

More than 19,000 animals are having their vital statistics recorded

From the smallest frog to the biggest elephant, every single animal at ZSL London Zoo has been weighed and measured.

The mammoth task is used to keep track of the animals’ health and wellbeing. The measurements are recorded in the Zoological Information Management System, a database that helps zookeepers compare important information on endangered species.

The weigh-in also helps zookeepers identify animals that have fallen pregnant.

But it’s not easy getting some species to cooperate with the weigh-in, so zookeepers have some inventive tactics for getting the animals to toe the line.

Tortoises are trained to climb onto a scale hidden in their grassy enclosure. Penguins are tempted with fish to walk over the scales.

Camels are led onto hidden weigh bars in exchange for food.

Tigers are trained to stand up against a glass window for their height to be recorded.

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