Koala in Queensland named after Bowie

The name is koala-ty.

A Koala in Queensland has been named after David Bowie.

Not because of its unholy musical talent, but the colour of its eyes. Just like Bowie, the koala is sporting two different coloured eyes.

The Star-koala was brought into the hospital after being hit by a car. She was treated for a slight limp at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. While there the vets noticed her stunning, stardust eyes.

Bowie, just like Bowie has a mutation called heterochromia. A recessive hereditary gene that changed the pigmentation of the iris.

“Apart from being extremely lucky in avoiding injury on the road, she’s also incredibly unique as heterochromia isn’t a common occurrence in koalas; it’s more often found in domestic mammal species such as dogs and cats,” says vet Sharon Griffiths.

She’s one of a kind, just like her namesake.

And although her eyes look a little funky it doesn’t affect how she sees the world:
“Bowie’s heterochromia doesn’t affect how she sees the world around her, in fact, her eyesight is great, exactly what we like to see in a young koala.”Says Griffiths.

Bowie is expected to be taken back to her home (Mars) any day now.

Hopefully, she’ll pick up where the Star Man left off.

Header: Ben Beaden / Via Facebook: WildlifeWarriorsWorldwide

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