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Shark Diver and Conservationist on Shark Attack Experiment: Live

Originally from Colorado, Clare now lives in South Africa and Mozambique.  Clare received her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Economics from Colorado College in 2007 and is a licensed Master Scuba Diver Instructor.

She is the founder and director of 3 Fathoms, Inc., a Florida based non-profit dedicated to the least invasive shark research.  She also works as a Research Assistant and coordinator for the Bull Shark Research Project in Mozambique.  The research is led by a Rhodes University Marine Biology PhD candidate. Shark sizing and sexing, categorizing data, assisting with in-situ biopsy collection, and analysis of general oceanographic and climatic conditions are amongst her responsibilities. 

Clare has worked as dive master and instructor in many of the world’s foremost underwater locations from Central America, to Ko Tao, an island in Thailand.  Her teaching experience includes dive instruction and shark education, a specialty driven by her devotion to safety as well as shark conservation.

 In 2009, Clare worked for the UK based Coral Cay Conservation, the internationally renowned marine conservation charity dedicated to the protection of coral reefs and tropical rainforests. Currently, Clare works closely with shark expert, Mark Addison, at Blue Wilderness South Africa as an expert dive guide and Instructor.  Through her experiences diving with sharks Clare has become committed to shark conservation.

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