Meet the Experts: Gail Addison

Video highlights from Shark Attack Experiment

Shark Conservationist and Diver on Shark Attack Experiment: Live

Gail Addison has her roots in water sports and is an ex- South African Water-skiing champion. Gail took this love of water into the marine realm by becoming a diving instructor and using this platform to introduce people to our Blue Planet as well as educating them about our marine realm.

Gail’s daily activity in running Blue Wilderness Dive Expeditions sees her educating a wide spectrum of people, from orphans - who have never seen the sea - to recreational divers wanting to interact with the sharks of Shark Park. Part of Gail’s growth personally has come about due to the growing threat that sharks face around the world and the realization that she is in a unique position to change this situation in her small way and reverse many of the myths that exist in people’s minds about sharks and the very real danger sharks face from man.

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