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Shark Expert on Shark Attack Experiment: Live

Description: Mark low res-1.jpgMark Addison will be serving the project on and off camera as a logistics advisor focused on locating the sharks.  He will also be a participant in the experiment as human bait along with his wife Gail.  

Diver, Mark Addison has 20 years of experience under his weight belt.  His pioneering shark dives and observations have proven an invaluable asset to the global scientific community.  

Mark can hold his breath under water for a mind-numbing six minutes. This allows sharks to see him as just another streamlined marine creature instead of a cranked-up Darth Vader with air tanks huffing though a noisy regulator.   Mark owes his breath-holding ability to a heart defect known as Sinus bradycardia. In laymen’s terms, Mark’s ticker beats two-thirds slower than the average male of the same age and physique. 

Mark’s company: Blue Wilderness, based in KwaZulu-Natal, specializes in providing underwater logistics for film companies and the scientific community.  In addition, they organize natural history expeditions.  

Scientific and conservation projects Mark has been involved with include: the formation of the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area, the East Coast Fish Watch Project, SRI Whale Shark Project and the Aliwal Ragged Tooth and Tiger Shark Projects.

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