Meet the Experts: Ryan Johnson

Video highlights from Shark Attack Experiment

Scientific Expert on Shark Attack Experiment: Live

Ryan Johnson, Marine Biologist, is serving on and off-camera as the scientific supervisor for The Human Shark Bait Experiment. 

Currently, he is the research coordinator for Oceans Research. His time is split between identifying and overseeing Oceans Research projects and hosting marine wildlife documentaries for the National Geographic channel.  Topics of his research and publications include: whether the White Shark Cage Diving Industry makes sharks increasingly dangerous to humans, satellite and acoustic tracking of great whites, impact of eco-tourism on sharks, bite strength of great white sharks, and predator prey games of great whites hunting seals.


Ryan’s participation in the Human Shark Bait Experiment is in step with his long-term commitment to illuminating the hidden world of sharks, to accurately portraying their behavior, and to protecting them from human nature and environmental threats.

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