One Fish Frozen While Eating Another—A Rare Discovery

Two brothers set out to videotape their rare find from an ice fishing trip, which has gone viral.

Two brothers found something unexpected frozen into the surface of a lake in Indiana: a pike fish eating a bass.

The Telegraph reports that Anton and Alex Babich found the unusual occurrence while ice fishing on Wawasee Lake near Syracuse in northern Indiana and posted a photo of it to Facebook, where it went viral, earning over 3,700 likes, 2,300 comments, and 15,000 shares.

When some people left comments wondering if the photo was real, they set out on a quest to dig the fish out of the ice and videotape it as evidence.

“A week ago my brother and I took a neat picture of these 2 frozen fish in the ice and posted it on Facebook,” Anton Babich explained to the Telegraph. “The picture went viral and some thought this was fake. We decided to go back to the channel where we saw this and cut it out of the ice to share this neat phenomenon with everyone.”

The video above shows the two frozen fish in a block of ice that was carved with a chainsaw.

Several theories emerged on Reddit. Alex Babich told Global News he thinks a fisherman caught the bass but it was too small to keep, so he released it. The bass died anyway and floated up under the ice when it was still thin.

“Then the pike saw an easy meal, tried to eat it, but choked and died,” he said.

He thinks once both fish were dead, they both floated under the surface of the lake, which then froze into a thick layer of ice and trapped their bodies at the surface.


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