Our Top Ten Cats

From the most ferocious to the fastest, we list our top ten feline friends - cats!

10. Domestic Cat

Loved and adored by many, these are the cats that rule the household, walking in and out as they please. Though the domain they truly dominate is online!

9. The Iberian Lynx

This is the Earth's most endangered wild cat species! These short-tailed cats are found in the forests of Europe, Asia, and North America.

8. Serval

A small species of cat from Southern Africa. These cats have long necks and hind legs to help them leap to great heights and pluck low-flying birds from the air.

7. Jaguar

The largest of South America's big cats. In some traditions the Jaguar God of the Night was the formidable lord of the underworld with a name derived from the Native American word yaguar, meaning "he who kills with one leap." Some refer to it as a panther when its colouring is all black (but never pink).

6.The Puma

Also known as a cougar or mountain lion, this ferocious deer stalking predator inhabits the north and south American continents. These cats employ a blend of stealth and power, stalking their prey until an opportunity arrives to pounce.

5. The Snow Leopard

Probably the rarest and most elusive off all large cats, its habitat is above 10,000 feet in the Central Asian mountain regions. They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes.

4. Cheetah

The world’s fastest land mammal. With acceleration that would leave most automobiles in the dust, a cheetah can go from 0 to 96 kilometres an hour in only three seconds!

3. African lion

They are the most iconic of all big cats and live and hunt in groups called prides. All of a pride's lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age. Young males eventually leave and establish their own prides by taking over a group headed by another male.

2. Bengal Tiger

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They are highly endangered and native to the Indian subcontinent. They are ferocious hunters, that live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away.

1. Leopard

Probably the most efficient and lethal hunter of all the big cats. They range from Southern and Northern Africa as well as Central Asia, India and China.

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