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Return Of The Clouded Leopards: Facts

Video highlights from Return Of The Clouded Leopards


1)      There are fewer than 10,000 clouded leopards in the wild
2)      Clouded leopards can swim well
3)      Wild cats such as Ocelots and Jaguars have been found to be attracted to the scent of a famous high street brand of perfume 
4)      Clouded leopards are able to climb  head first down trees  & hang upside down from branches
5)      Cats have the most highly developed binocular vision of all carnivores
6)      Clouded leopards have the longest canine teeth relative to its body size of all the wild
7)      The sound made by clouded leopards is somewhere between the purr of a small cat and the roar of a large cat
8)      Clouded leopards are solitary creatures  except when breeding
9)      Clouded leopards eat 10-20% of their body weight  every day
10)   Clouded leopards have been found on the menu of restaurants in China & Thailand
11)   Clouded leopards get their adult pelage by 6 months
12)   Clouded leopards reach sexual maturity at 20 – 30 months
13)   Clouded leopards are killed by poachers for use in tribal medicine

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