Rwanda Holds Naming Ceremony For 24 Baby Gorillas

The traditional Rwandan ceremonies are part of the country’s plan gorilla conservation

Two dozen baby gorillas were given names during the 11th Annual Gorilla Naming Ceremony at the foothills of the Virunga Mountains.

The names were chosen to represent the baby’s birth, personality or hope for the future.

The ceremony, known as Kwita Izina, involved two dozen performers dressed in gorilla suits who played the part of the baby gorillas.

Image credit: Keiko Mori, Rwanda Development Board

According to the Rwanda Development Board, the gorilla population has grown 26 percent in the past seven years, largely due to the country’s conservation efforts.

Female gorillas give birth to one infant after around a nine month pregnancy. Unlike their mum and dad, newborn gorillas are tiny, weighing in at around 2 kilograms.

They travel on their mothers' backs from about four months until two or three years old.

It’d be easy to mistake a young gorilla for a human child – they spend most of their time playing, climbing and chasing their fellow youngsters.

Image credit: Keiko Mori, Rwanda Development Board

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