Seal Surfs On The Back Of A Whale

The extraordinary sight was captured by a photographer off the NSW coast

When a pod of whales began feasting on a fish frenzy off the New South Wales coast, a cheeky fur seal invited himself to the party.

Photographer Robyn Malcolm told The Sydney Morning Herald, “we’d seen some amazing whales coming out of the water, everything was happening so quickly. And it was when I went back through the photos that I realised I had actually captured the seal on top of the whale.”



When a pod of whales tucked into a feeding frenzy on the NSW south coast, an opportunistic fur seal wasted no time in...

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald - on Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Humpback whales are found near coastlines, feeding on tiny shrimp-like krill, plankton, and small fish.

These powerful swimmers use their massive tail fin to propel themselves through the water and sometimes completely out of it.

Researchers aren't sure if this breaching behavior serves some purpose, such as cleaning pests from the whale's skin, or whether whales do it just for fun.

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