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  • A study has show that the Saltwater Crocodile has the most powerful bite of all the animal kingdom at a whopping 3,700 pounds per square inch. Compare that to a lions 1,000 pounds per square inch and you can begin to imagine how dangerous these creatures are.
  • A Red Hartebeast can reach speeds of over 64km per hour. Add that to their average weight of over 150kg, these wild beasts pack quite a punch.
  • An elephant's trunk contains over 100,000 muscles and is capable of lifting up to 272 kg.
  • The spines of a Candiru fish point backwards which makes removal very difficult without extensive surgery.
  • In 2004 a teenager from India was treated after a fish swam up his urethra all the way into his bladder. After seeing a strange object on the boys X-Ray, doctors used a special set of forceps use to remove bladder stones to extract the foreign fish.
  • Ostriches are gifted with 10cm claws on each foot and are known to have kicks powerful enough to kill a lion.
  • After rigorous scientific tests, a Florida State University biology professor compared the force of being clamped down on by a full-grown alligator to trying to lift a pickup truck off of your body.
  • The biggest black marlin ever caught was in the waters off Peru in 1953. It was over 4.4m long and weighed in at 708kg. The persistent fisherman donated the mega marlin to the Smithsonian where it is still on display today.
  • Knowing there are scavengers all around them, leopards have the raw strength to carry a carcass weighing over 45kg into a tree, sometimes as high as 15m.
  • The impact from a swift kick by an adult horse has the destructive potential of being hit by a small vehicle traveling at 32km per hour. Besides bruises and broken bones, some people have been known to going into cardiac arrest after being kicked.
  • An ostrich can reach speeds up to 69km per hour while running, using their long legs covering 3-5m per stride.
  • Leopards are great athletes of the animal kingdom. They can run up to 58km per hour and leap 6m forward in a single bound. Leopards can also jump 3m straight into the air from a stand still.
  • Every year there are over 100 shark attacks on humans, but one third to one half of those attacks come from the ocean predator, the Great White Shark.
  • The water buffalo has been domesticated for over 5,000 years dating back to 2500BC and have been a big part of human survival with their meat, horns, hides, milk, power for plowing and transportation needs.
  • Potato Groupers are notoriously aggressive and territorial fish, able to grow to almost 2m in length and weigh up to 108kg means you should stay out of their way.

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