The Baffling Mystery of Gorongosa’s Lions

Video highlights from Gorongosa: Africa Reborn

As other animals flourish, lions are still struggling – but why?

Once a thriving wilderness, Gorongosa National Park was decimated by civil war and poachers, losing almost 95 percent of its large animal populations.

Now, thanks to one of the most ambitious wilderness restoration projects ever attempted, the park is experiencing a dramatic rebirth.

But as other animals begin to flourish, the lion population isn’t rebounding as fast as it should.

So it’s up to an international team of scientists and conservationists, along with Emmy Award-winning cameraman Bob Poole, to solve the mystery.

When five lion cubs appear, Bob takes the chance to follow and film their perilous journey to adulthood and, hopefully, find some answers.

Meet Tripod - Gorongosa's three-footed lion (Image: Gorongosa National Park)

One of the most famous lions struggling to survive in Gorongosa National Park is Tripod. She got her name in 2009 veterinarians had to surgically remove her back right foot after a wire-snare injury. Despite mainly hunting alone, she is still strong and resilient.

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