The Weird World of Animal Sex

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It’s a wild, wild world out there…

A male elephant’s penis weighs about 25 kilos and is almost two metres in length.

Male bed bugs have a sharp penis, which they use to pierce the female’s stomach and inject sperm directly into her blood stream (called Traumatic Copulation). This method of mating eliminates sperm competition.

Some species of female Whiptail lizards do not need male lizards in order to reproduce. Courtship is practiced between two females who simulate sex to release reproductive hormones vital to reproduction.

Male Southern Right whales are among the very few animals who do not physically compete for sex.

The female polar bear comes into season once every three years. When she is ready to mate, she sets a scented trail of urine and waits for a mate to find her.

Two polar bears. Two polar bears go on snow-covered tundra

While male cicadas are trying to attract females, it is said that they can knock competitors out of trees using a jet of urine.

A salmon’s stomach disintegrates when waiting to mate. The empty space is then used for sperm and eggs.

The male Antechinus (a rat-like marsupial) has sex constantly once he reaches sexual maturity. He ultimately dies because lack of eating and the stress hormones strip his body of fats and proteins.

Silverback gorillas have a 5cm long penis and very small testicles. The male silverback does not need a lot of sperm because he controls a very stable group of females that only he mates with.

Silverback Gorilla Face Expression

Rather than fighting, some Gelada baboons opt for a long term relationships with one or two females. This ensures a longer life and possibly better reproductive success.

Chimps are not complete vegetarians. Male chimps sometimes use meat to bribe their female counterparts into having sex.

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