This Newborn Tapir Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

The endangered Malayan tapir was born at Minnesota Zoo

It's smiles all round at Minnesota Zoo after the birth of an endangered Malayan tapir.

The yet-to-be-named male calf weighed in at 8.6 kilograms and, in just a week, has grown to more than 11 kilograms. Tapirs are quick growers – they can reach as much as 200 kilograms by their first birthday.

“We are very excited to welcome this new tapir to the Minnesota Zoo,” says Minnesota Zoo’s Tropics Trail Supervisor Tom Ness.

“Tapirs are endangered, and this birth is a significant conservation achievement as it’s estimated that fewer than 1,500 exist in the wild. This is an example of the great care the Zoo’s animal care teams provide our animals.”

The tapir is a primitive animal that has remained unchanged for millions of years. Their prehensile trunk is used to grab branches and snorkel underwater.

There are five species of tapir that can be found in Mexico, Central America, South America, Malaya and Sumatra. The tapir has become endangered due to hunting and habitat loss.

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